Cannaba Verum = Cannabis Truth in Latin

Let's start with the TRUTH about Cannabis.

Spend a little time with Honey Smith Walls talking about Cannaba Verum in history, politics, science, and practical advice in navigating this burgeoning legal Cannabis industry. It's a brave new world of old ideas in medicine... backed by the facts of new science. 

The mission at Cannaba Verum is to fill the Cannabis knowledge gap and inform our community of factual cannabis information from respectable scientific sources with citations. We'll help you understand how we got to the political position our country is in, and you'll learn how to become a well-informed Cannabis Patient learning applicable information you'll use every day. 

But you can also be the Cannabis Hero of your neighborhood... We have FREE actionable downloadable Cannabis Protocols and Procedures and Cannabis Patient Release Forms that you should take to your local hospitals, Rehabs, and Elder Care Facilities immediately.  It's what they need to allow legal Florida Medical Marijuana patients to use Cannabis while under the care of their Florida medical facilities. Find those document links on the Be a Hero Page. You won't be the first to do so... And you'll find all kinds of value here. Look around and don't miss the podcast!


Want to make a big difference in your Quality of Life? Grab the leash, let's walk the dogs while I explain a few things from my new podcast.

Know Which ChemoVars to choose for yourself?


So many questions to figure out...

Which kind of Cannabis to use (over-the-counter (OTC) Hemp or Medical Marijuana)

How to determine the safety of OTC Cannabis products

How to find a good Medical Marijuana Doctor

How to get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Which Dispensary to choose 

How to save money (Insurance Does NOT Cover! Yet.)

How much cash to bring

What to purchase?!?!                                         

 I'm here to help you with all that!

Cannaba Verum = Cannabis Truth

Need To Know Information: 

If you're going into the hospital, rehab, or elder care facilities... 

you should take these documents with you!

Actionable Links

Honey Smith Walls

Honey Smith Walls, Educator

Find foundational Cannabis information 

here and change your aging path to

"Do No Harm" healthcare 

and emotional wellness.

Determine quality assurance when buying  ANY over-the-counter Cannabis Cannabidiol (CBD) product.

Navigate Medical Marijuana Doctors and CURRENT LAW.

Find out how Cannabis can impact your life!


We can help you understand the history, politics, and science 

of cannabis as well as the fluctuating  regulations in the state of Florida, 

and how to navigate the path through Doctors and Dispensaries.


Cannaba Verum

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