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Part of my mission is to help women like me become independent with their own stream of income, while enjoying the reward of knowing what a difference this information will make in so many lives... yours included. I'm not saying it's easy or completely free... but it IS possible to do something new and important in this world right now, that will help you and a lot of people feel better with a little education on the subject.


Look for my eBook called, The Language of Cannabis, coming out soon. 


I'll also begin introducing my affiliate partners too, which is another way I have an income stream. They pay me if you click on the special button and they give you a discount as well!  Win Win Win! Then, of course, I hope you'll enjoy learning about cannabis as much as I did. The new learning platforms are fun and you go at your own pace. And the tests, even at 66, were doable ;) 


Have courage to change your life and help others. You can do this! I know, because I just did! And it would only take you a few months instead of years, like me. Because I'm going to show you where to apply, what books to start reading, and the necessary tools for understanding the Language of Cannabis. 


And to help you begin the conversation with your personal physician on your own path to a better quality of life, click on the button below to print out a Dear Doctor letter.

A serial entrepreneur, I had the rare opportunity to help revitalize a small Kansas townin the 90s by turning a 100-year-old abandoned convent on Main Street into a 3-story, 10-bedroom, limestone castle-like Victorian Bed & Breakfast with a restaurant and service for 75. The town had never seen anything like it except in storybooks.
Later chasing island dreams at the turn of the century, my spouse and I lived aboard our sailing vessel S/VHoneyLewII for 5 years in the Caribbean. Not quite enough adventure in those quiet anchorages, I was inspired to create a new bathing suit style (when I outgrew the last one on the boat!) and tested it throughout the island chain from Venezuela back to the US.
Computers and internet innovations lead me to web design, and photography became a new love and part of the Off The Walls business. But after having been away for so long and with that kind of “lonely” work, I had a great need to reconnect with the public... so I volunteered in different arenas inside the community with street people and animals, the Salvation Army and various political groups until finally settling in with Equality Florida, my forever tribe.
Love of music demanded the requisition of a troupe of Early Musicians, some of whom have played ancient music with me for almost 20 years as the Medieval Gypsies. We’ve played at Renaissance Faires and annual private affairs and boast mostly about being chased off stage in performance to the Nordic King and Queen by knuckle-dragging broad sword fighters hellbent to spill blood and steal the show. Our music scared a baby once. We wear a lot of badges;)
And on a familial note, my only son won the favor of a lovely maiden who enriched our family with four darling mini clones. All that and then some.
If you’re wondering why a woman of age became a cannabis shaman, my story is as common as yours. After we returned to land, arthritis set in... blood pressure went up...cholesterol became an issue... hormones were whining... mood was slipping... brain fog crept in... couldn’t sleep all night any more... pain got worse... meds didn’t help.
I took a handful of synthetic prescription pills for 20 years that robbed me of energy, clarity, creativity, happiness, mobility and reaching my potential. How did I change all that? Well that’s part of my story that started back in 2014 I want you to hear.

Hang around long enough and you’ll see the button for my new eBook about it all.

But jump forward to now... With new political changes for cannabis, reformative measures can be implemented to save the day. But I found that as a community, we still need to understand the language of cannabis so we can utilize it safely and effectively. There is a lot of strategy in using medical marijuana and over-the-counter hemp that if understood and correctly chosen, will have you feeling great and confident in your ability to make accurate decisions for your needs. You CAN improve your quality of life.

I am not a doctor. I did not study the same course prerequisites to get through med school to become a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, like they did. They know soooo much more about your body and how synthetic drug therapies can help you than I do. However I do have 5 years of intense cannabis study in my head now. I am certified by DOs and MDs and various leading cannabis scientists known throughout the industry who teach the most current knowledge of the cannabis plant and how it can uplift the quality of life for humans and animals. They also have monthly continuing education seminars with exciting new discoveries in science to report, necessary to understand the burgeoning information and retain my certificates. I am a 21st century cannabis shaman. I’ll teach you how to understand the language of cannabis and how to use it safely and effectively. But I am not a doctor.

Honey's Education

2021 Monthly Continuing Certification Healer Education by Dustin Sulak, D.O. &

2020 Cannabis Healer Certification from Dr. Dustin Sulak, D.O. Maine Healer Training Including:

Endocannabinoid System: How and Why Cannabis Works

The Pharmacology of Cannabis

All About Terpenes

Potential Therapeutic Effects Cannabis

Understanding Dosing and Absorption

Drug Interactions and Consumer Safety

Substance Use Disorders and Intoxication

Health Conditions

Dosage Programs

Dosage Protocols and Methodologies

Cannabis Dosing Principles

Substance Use Disorders and Intoxication

Health Conditions

Dosage Programs

Dosage Protocols and Methodologies

Cannabis Dosing Principles

Dose-Response Effects and the Therapeutic Window

Combining THC, CBD, and Choosing Strains

Treatment Strategies

Benefits of Psychoactivity

Non-Psychoactive Strategies

General Guidelines for Patient Types

Condition-Specific Treatments and Example Cases... and more. 

Dr. Sulak delivers reliable, accurate, and practical online training based on proven dosage protocols, peer-reviewed science and his own clinical experience managing 10,000's of patients a​nd training medical providers.​  If ​you’re interested in joining the Cannabis industry, I highly recommend the study of Dr. Sulak’s amazing cannabis course. You simply can’​t find this kind of cannabis education anywhere else in the United States at this time.  ClickityClick on the Logo to the right for more information.

2021 Daily Cannabis News in politics, science, and historical information via podcasts
such as:

Marijuana Today Business and Politics, This Week in Weed History, Green
Flower Nation, and Florida’s Cannabis News Podcast. All of these excellent informative
shows can be heard wherever you listen to podcasts.

2020 Certificate for Medical Cannabis for Pain Control by Elon Eisenberg, Professor of Neurology & Pain Medicine, Institute of Pain Medicine, Rambam Healthcare Campus,
RamBam, Israel

2020 University of Colorado Boulder

Coursera History of Medical Cannabis

This History of Medical Cannabis course is designed to have you think critically about past, present, and future research on the health effects of cannabis by developing a more nuanced understanding of the barriers to research as well as different approaches to research. You will learn about the history of cannabis cultivation, the legal history of cannabis or "marijuana", and the obstacles that led to the lack of science on its medicinal use. You will also learn how to critically evaluate research on the effects of cannabis and discuss the associated risks of using cannabis in the context of public health and epidemiological research. Finally, you will learn about how to administer cannabis products in ways that minimize risk and maximize any potential benefits. Obtaining this knowledge will be helpful in terms of informing public policy, public health, and personal decisions regarding the use of cannabis products. Click on the logo to the right to learn more.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

2018 Sativa University in Orlando, Florida

Advanced Dispensary Management

Advanced Chemical Extraction

Growing Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis Agricultural Fundamentals

Are you looking to open a dispensary, work for a dispensary, start an edible company, a vape company, consultation or grow facility? Look no further! Click the logo to the righ to learn more.

2020 Multiple Certificates by CulturED, Denver, CO By Evan Erickson, Chief Training Officer

Cannabis Chemistry

Cannabis Horticulture

Introduction to OSHA for Cannabis

Cannabis Calendar & Checklist

Cannabis Dispensary and Grow Emergency Action Plan

Green CulturED is a Total eLearning Solution for the Cannabis Industry & We’re On a MISSION to Train 1,000,000+ Individuals Over the Next Five (5) Years Everything There’s To Know About Cannabis.  Click on the logo to the right to learn more.

2020 Certificate Dr. Angie Krause, DVM Cannabis Therapy for Pets