Cannabis Shaman Honey Smith Walls will tell you the Truth about Cannabis History, Science, Politics, and Medicine with special guests from within the industry and actionable links to change the cannabis culture in your world, today. You’ll find letters available for free that open conversations with your primary doctors about using cannabis, as well as a letter to your grocer to demand all paper products be available from hemp and not trees. Find practical solutions to saving money and minimizing the damage to your immune system from using contaminated street weed! PottyPotPot talk here. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cannabaverum/support

Moments of Clarity

031 Do Your Part!

I’ve long said we need daily PSAs to help us remember to be good people. This is kinda THAT episode. And you may be surprised to find the LGBTQ community is helping me become a better person.

030 Making Change

We have the ability to change our attitudes and our world. Cannabis not only helps us change our attitude but can create a healthy economy as well. It can rebuild our infrastructure both literally and figuratively. Are you engaged in change?

 029 Why Edibles?

Ohhhh ma gosh! Edible cannabis is here but you should know... it’s wildly different than all other ways of using this live plant therapy! And it can really surprise you!

028 Pets & Cannabis

I’m sure you’re just getting used to the idea of using cannabis for yourself but our pets need it too. Cannabis will help your animals in so many ways! Find out how on this episode.

027 Mail Bag

Hear what some other listeners are asking about cannabis and the latest thoughts on new delivery methods for vaccinating the population.

026 Confusing Age

Let’s talk about this age of confusion about cannabis and try to straighten out the facts, shall we? There is so much to consider when using this live plant therapy that those old hippies just don’t consider... and the new users aren’t aware either. So join me to understand how to plan your cannabis relief!

025 Healers Guest

Did you know animals need cannabis to improve their Quality of Life? Well you’re in for some eye-opening stories and information that may inspire your own vet.

Cannaba Verum

031 Nutopia

You’re going to love this politically entangled cannabis story about one of your favorite musicians. The whole point is to imagine a new way of living.

030 Migraine

This episode helps you understand how to use cannabis for migraine headaches and the concerns of over-use... not addiction...OVER-use of the product may cause rebound headaches.

 029 Witch Doctor?

If your a bit confused about which doctor to talk to about cannabis, this episode should help. You’ll find out how to tell the difference between someone who knows about cannabis and someone there to facilitate a state card for you.

028 Terpenes do WHAT?

You’ll be surprised at what you already know you didn’t know about some of the powerful compounds in cannabis and how they effect you.

027 Anslinger Arrows

I’m reviewing Greatest Moments in Weed History podcast out of sheer delight... wait till you hear this couple of jockrock canna gangsters go after weed history and realize you lived through a lot of that aftermath.

026 Is It Tested?

We have to be careful about where our cannabis medicine comes from... some growers don’t care about your health. A lot of cannabis is contaminated. This episode teaches you how to verify a clean product to uplift your quality of life.

025 Corruption

Our society has a problem with corruption that has effected the growth of the cannabis industry for 100 years. It continues to this day as long as cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug and states refuse to allow its use. Are you trying to stop the corruption? Who do you read and listen to for quality information? And who are you speaking to about changing their attitude?

 024 Proof of Truth

Seems like you can’t take anything for granted now... you MUST verify that truth! But how? When you don’t believe what anybody says or what’s right in front of your eyes on live TV... I think we need to talk about proof of truth!

023 Process Review

Honey takes you through 8 simple steps to becoming a successful medical marijuana patient so that your quality of life is uplifted.

022 Monique & Glaucoma

This episode will highlight the power of CBD and problems with glaucoma as my friend and guest, Monique Zimmerman explains our adventures in discovery together and what you may consider for your own needs. 

021 Coffee w/Valerie

Some people just have a way with stories and hearing how women of experience manage their lives with cannabis is worthy 

020 Understanding

This episode gives you the tools to understand why our civilization still holds us prisoner to racism and gives resources to help you understand the process of rising out of hatred. Oh yeah... then there’s cannabis.

019 Meditate with Cannabis

This stressful historic moment in time is enough to need more cannabis to settle your nerves and calm your mind. Listen to how Honey & Fionna de-stress from the crimes of hate.

018 Random Kindness

Cannabis Shaman Honey Smith Walls and Intern with grace and experience, Fionna Sebastiano, discuss practical solutions to using cannabis and fixing our hearts and minds about each other.... You’ll like these ideas!

017 Focus on Hope

Honey and Fionna medicate to enjoy the season and talk about the way to recover from sadness. Turns out.... there’s a formula for that!

016 Dear Doctor Letter

Fionna and Honey discuss cannabis usage and the difficulty of convincing your regular doctor to help you investigate the effects of hemp and marijuana for your particular conditions. Free Letter Download HERE

015 What About Doctors?

Fionna and Honey chat up some doctor stories around cannabis and tell you what to expect. It’s not what you think.

014 ToWanda’s Courage

Fionna is back with cannabis educator, Honey Smith Walls to talk about addressing your doctor’s fears and understanding how cannabis can help pain and other issues.

013 What We Use

You’ll hear Honey & Fionna discuss their old lady cannabis regimen and how to find relief for pain throughout the day using all kinds of weed... hemp & marijuana... we even talk about street weed!

012 Fionna’s Day

We take a closer peek into the day of Fionna Sebastiano who overcame opioid addiction with cannabis and is here to tell us about her path.

 024 The Big Lie

The Big Lie of our United States is completely wrapped up in cannabis and not limited to males. Join me as we consider the outline of our prejudices and how we should use Cannabis to lift our quality of life.

023 Adam’s Cannabis

The millennial time from one important Adam to another in cannabis terms went by pretty quickly. But the hate we incorporated into our cultures still exist today. Freeing cannabis can help us change our cultures for the betterment of all. But we must understand how we got here so that we can fix it, once and for all.

022 Women in Weed

This American Shaman will inspire you to have a daily dose of CBD to lift and enrich your quality of life. Don’t miss Natalie Sharqawi explaining the great treasure in the products she has available. You know I’m on a soapbox about cannabis contamination... well THIS is one product I’ve been advocating for 2 years since I found them! I trust them. And you can too.

021 A New Day 2021

Learn how to begin the cannabis process and some generalities of your first dispensary choices. You’ll better understand how to speak to BudTenders for specific needs, so that you can feel relief immediately.

020  PSA’s

Our country is in the most dramatic era in politics since the Civil War and I need a lot more cannabis to get me through it! Public Service Announcements (PDA’s )keep jumping into my head... in terms of love.

019 Calmly Change

Capitol offenses will change everything... if we’re lucky. Including cannabis attitudes. There is a lot of work in changing cultural attitudes and it doesn’t happen overnight. But cannabis can help….

018 Accepting Change

Oops! I had to accept the fact that my tone of Letter to the Dr. was defensive and aggressive instead of inspiring... So I changed it!

017 Christmas Gift For You

Find the gift of communication with your primary doctor from a letter about using cannabis written for you to present... Open the gift of cannabis conversation to all those people you’d like to chat with about it! It will be a gift of knowledge for them, too!

016 Stocking Stuffers

Holiday shopping during Covid-19 could lead you to calming hemp for your friends and family. Legal in all 50 states and appropriate for all anxious ages!

015 Bullies Gotta Go

Cannabis will help your mental attitude, give you patience, help you consider other sides... exactly what bullies need to stop their terrible and abusive behavior. Cannabis can help that!

014 Part 2 Fionna’s Story

You’ll need a box of tissues but the end of the story will inspire you to try something new... with a smile in your heart. Cannabis will save the day. Cannaba Carpe Diem!

013 Burnt the Bird

You’ll find out how to save money on marijuana and save your health from the contamination in street weed by using over the counter hemp that’s been 3rd party lab-tested. Learn how to mitigate the harm from street weed by supplementing with clean hemp!

012 The Angel Fionna

This episode is not for everyone. This episode is for the opioid-addicted patient with excruciating pain who’s lookin at another handful of ineffective medication. This is for the patient who’s diligently followed dr’s orders and STILL can’t find relief. This is for the patient who’s life is so messed up they can’t see a future anymore and their bodies are screaming for help. This is the story of the Angel, Fionna.

011 CBD $ave$

Learn practical ideas to save money on SAFE marijuana and hemp products as well as how to create a new Thanksgiving tradition during Covid-19, 2020.

010 Signals

The 2020 Decision signals new plans for this world... And cannabis will help you find relief for that whole process.

009 The Plan

It’s the day before the 2020 US Presidential Election and I have a Cannabis plan! Come work it with me!

008 Street Weed

Can’t afford the high price of Medical Marijuana through the Dispensary? Let Honey help you minimize the harm of contaminated weed to your system with practical advice on cannabis management while you’re trying to get legal. There are definitely big advantages to getting your cannabis card in Florida... especially if you’re a person of color. So don’t delay. But until then, street weed comes with it’s own dangers. And it’s not what you think. So tune in and let Honey tell you how to figure it all out and keep yourself as safe as possible while minimizing your risks and saving your pennies.

007 Save Money!

This episode is about saving money on Cannabis. Learn how to discern what the best cannabis products are and make your hemp and medical marijuana last longer for less money. You’ll learn how to make simple adjustments to your habits that will save you money by choosing safe cannabis products, whether it’s over-the-counter (OTC) CBD or from a Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Honey Smith Walls will answer all your hemp and medical marijuana questions, teach you true cannabis history, discuss marijuana politics, and review new cannabis science, sometimes interviewing cannabis experts from different industries, plus give you free practical advice on saving money in your cannabis purchases.

006 Be a Hero

It's easy to be a hero!

005 Change Your Neighborhood Cannabis Culture

You can make an immediate difference in your local cannabis culture by giving medical institutions the formal documents for allowing legal medical marijuana in specific delivery methods within hospital, rehab, and elder care facilities! All for free!

004 Kids and Carts

When young kids want your meds... there’s a reason for that! Join Honey in another Moment of Clarity about Cannaba Verum.

003 Taming Your THC

Taming your THC allows you to utilize the heavy hitting power of the compound found only in Marijuana without the famous euphoric high that Cannabis users enjoy most of the time. It’s easy to tame your THC... 

002 Hemp vs MMJ

Find out when to use Hemp CBD vs Medical Marijuana and how to trust the product!

001 Hemp & Marijuana are both Cannabis

Tune in to understand the similarities of Hemp and Marijuana in this first episode of Moment of Clarity with Honey of Cannaba Verum. The short answers to confusing information!

011  Cannabis Safety

The contamination that grows in cannabis can damage your immune system. Honey explains how to avoid cannabis contamination while saving money on your purchases.

010 Decision 2020

Serious cannabis information on the day of our 2020 electoral vote discovery.

009 Who Are We!

Honey helps you cope with the final week of the October 2020 US Political ‘Apprentice Shit Show’ with facts about Cannabis Scientists.

008  Adult Use Attitudes

There are 100’s of cannabis attitudes we contend with and few of them will help us. But add a little Cannaba Verum and gain a whole new outlook on life.

007 FDA Approval?

Cannabis FDA Approval!

006 An Ancient Story

Hear an ancient life story and practical advice on Cannabis use.

005  Top 4 Concerns

Practical insights and solutions to the top 4 concerns of Cannabis culture today with Honey Smith Walls, talkin Cannaba Verum... in English.

004 Sailing into Cannabis

Discover how Honey came sailing into the Cannabis industry on the high seas in this episode of Cannaba Verum.

003 Adult-Use vs Medical Marijuana

Are you a hippie or a patient? Honey talks about the diversity of cannabis use and what you can expect. It ain’t yer granny’s weed connection anymore. 

002 This Historical Day of Hate

You’ll find History, Politics, Science, and Practical Advice with Honey Smith Walls and a new Friday episode about Cannabis Truth.

001 Practical, Actionable, & Entertaining

Enjoy the soothing voice of Honey Smith Walls and her amazing cannabis stories you never heard in history class! Honey will fill in the missing information to put the puzzle back together... the how and why we’re beginning to use it again, universally.